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Register a Free Domain, What are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Register a free domain, what are the advantages and disadvantages - Who doesn't want to get a free domain, especially if the domain is short and easy to remember? Because as we all know that the domain name is a critical element in building a website. Meanwhile, to get the desired domain, you generally need to pay a fee.

The fees paid to depend on the type of extension you choose and the domain registration service company you prefer.

Register a free domain, what are the advantages and disadvantages

Well, for friends who want to learn to make a website but don't want to spend money to buy a domain, we have several alternative domains that you can use for free. 

We have compiled information about free domain extension providers, complete with reviews regarding the advantages and risks of using free domains and tutorials on how to get them.

Advantages of Free Domains

There are several exciting benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to use a free domain, including:

1. No Annual Fees

It is clear because it is free; there are no fees or fees to be paid yearly.

If you don't use a free domain, you must order a domain name and register it by paying a certain amount.

In addition to paying the funds upfront, you also have to pay an annual fee to extend the active period of the domain.

These costs may be quite burdensome for beginners who still want to tinker with the website for learning purposes.

For that, a free domain is undoubtedly beneficial for beginners still in the trial-and-error process.

2. Easy to  get 

Getting a domain extension that can be used for free is straightforward and easy.

Generally, you only need to set up an active email to register an account. If so, you can immediately check the availability of the domain name you want to use.

3. Shorter URLs and Easy to Remember

Using a free domain can be an alternative to make your website more accessible for consumers to remember because it is much shorter than using a subdomain from Blogspot, WordPress, or Wix.

Try comparing the URL with the.TK domain extension, my brand.tk, with the URLmybrand.wordpress.com or mybrand.blogspot.com. 

Domain extensions like .TK is undoubtedly much shorter and more professional-looking than subdomains.mybrand.subdomain.com. That's right.

Disadvantages of Free Domains

Well, then, before using a free domain, you also need first to identify the disadvantages of using it.

So, you can prepare a backup plan if the shortage significantly impacts any project built using this domain type.

1. Looks Less Professional

The main drawback of a free domain is the small value or selling value of the domain extension used.

People will tend to underestimate or doubt the credibility of your website when they see that the extensions used can be obtained for free.

This will directly impact the credibility and image of your website. For this reason, a paid domain extension is highly recommended if you want to build a legit business website. You can choose to register a cheap domain as a solution.

2. Prone to Lost Affected by Banned

As users of free goods, our power over any rights that can be enjoyed is more limited, and we should comply with all the rules given by the service provider.

When using a free domain extension, there is the potential for a ban, where the domain is deleted automatically without any notification when trouble or rules are accidentally violated.

Because we do not pay, the free domain extension that we will get depends on the service provider.

The choice is certainly not as much as if we use a domain by buying it.

4. No Subdomain Feature Available

What is a subdomain? You can read an explanation related to subdomains through the article entitled Knowing the Differences between Addon Domains and Subdomains that we wrote earlier.

Unfortunately, this subdomain feature cannot be used without a free domain. So, you have to choose a paid domain extension which can now be obtained starting from only Rp. 15 thousand per year.

5.No Support

Unlike when buying a domain name, using a free domain usually will not get good support services or even no support.

This is undoubtedly very inconvenient for beginner bloggers with problems with installation, settings, or other technical matters.

6. Weak Index Ability

Most users create blogs to reap the coffers of income. To achieve this, one of the conditions is to increase traffic as much as possible.

Well, unfortunately, for some free domain extensions, it lacks power when invited to fight in the SERP.

7. Weak Data Security

A website must have various kinds of content that have been arranged in such a way as to suit the purpose for which it was created.

Unfortunately, most free domain providers do not provide adequate backup facilities.

So when there is a problem, all the data you have compiled can disappear. If this is the case, the free domain provider is not liable, and you cannot file a complaint. As a result, you have to start rebuilding the website from scratch.

Register a Free Domain

After learning about the advantages and disadvantages of using a free domain, it is time to discover the various domain extensions you can get without paying a subscription fee.

1. .TK Domain

For information, the .TK domain extension is a type of ccTLD or Country Code Top Level Domain originating from Tokelau.

Friends can obtain the domain name from the area on the Oceania continent for free as material for learning to make a website.

2. .GA Domain

The domain extension was noted to have been popular in 2011-2013 when many newbie bloggers ventured into cyberspace.

Because it's free, many people created blogs and websites to learn using this free domain.

Interestingly, some have successfully registered and been accepted by Google AdSense using a .GA domain—interested in trying it?

3. .ML Domain

Has anyone visited a website with a .ML domain extension? This domain extension is the name for Mali, one of the regions in West Africa.

Just like other free extensions, this domain has issues with credibility and limited traffic handling capabilities.

Even so, the .ML domain is still feasible to be used as experimental material to create a website.

4. Domain .CF

Almost the same as .GA, domain extension.CF is also reasonably popular among bloggers.

The domain name intended for citizens of Central Africa (Central Africa) had graced several forums, discussion groups, and social bookmarking platforms at that time.

5. Domain .GQ

The following free domain is the extension .GQ. What is a .GQ domain?

This domain is the country code for the country of Equatorial Guinea and still has almost the same characteristics as some of the previous domain extensions; namely, it has a low ability to handle traffic, a low level of trust, and an index in search engines that is difficult to optimize.

6. Domain Biz.ly

Biz.ly is a free domain provider that started to be used in 2002. This extension has a business meaning and offers to host 50 MB of free web space and 1000 data transfers per day.

In addition, Biz.ly also offers 3 email domains, 3 hosting subdomains, and free website templates. 

How to Create a Free Domain

Then how to get a free domain as you wish?

First of all, you can visit the website of the free domain provider by clicking on the URL link we have listed in the previous chapter or visiting the www.freenom.com page.

If you want to get a free domain through freenom, you can follow the steps below:

  • After the website page opens, please check the availability of the domain name you want to use.
  • Type the desired domain name in the Whois domain field, then press the Check Availability button.
  • Select the domain extension you want to use; friends can choose the.TK,.GA,.ML, .GQ or .CF domains according to your wishes and availability.
  • Click on an extension, then click Checkout.
  • Next, you can choose the registration process by entering your Email address or logging in using a social media account.
  • Follow the registration steps by filling in your name, email, phone number, and address.
  • Done.

Well, now you can build a website without spending extra money. However, keep in mind that building a website with a free domain has several drawbacks that make the website less than optimal.

Want to Have an Optimal Website with a Free Domain?

In addition to using a series of free domains described above, there are other, more secure, and elegant ways to get them.

How to? You only need to buy a hosting package widely sold by hosting providers. Both from outside and within the country. Because most of them have added a free domain for every purchase of hosting offered, especially if you buy a dedicated hosting package, you will certainly get a free domain.

Thus, we can present information for all readers about free domains, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to register them. Thank you.

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