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Where to Register a Cheap Domain and the Best & Trusted Hosting

Where to register a cheap domain and the best & trusted hosting - There are many places to register cheap and affordable domain hosting lists on Google. For that, you must be careful and choose a trusted registrar. Buying a domain doesn't have to go through a hosting provider either; you can register a domain name without hosting.

Apart from being cheaper, dedicated domain providers also often offer many discounts. So, where is the cheapest place to buy a domain? Please don’t go anywhere; we have summarised 10 recommendations for where to buy the best cheap domains.

Where to Register a Cheap Domain and the Best & Trusted Hosting

List of Best & Trusted Places to Buy Cheap Domains

A free domain is not the right choice to display a unique website name. Therefore, many website owners are switching to using popular domain extensions and custom domains.

Although the website is very profitable, buying a domain is not expensive. There are quite a few registrars that offer domains at friendly prices but with quality, like some domain providers, which we will discuss below.

1. Domainesia

Domainesia is the best Indonesian domain registrar that has been around for 11 years. In addition to domains, Domainesia also provides quality hosting services equipped with support for around 1.1.40/second.

Domain services available on this site are complete and inexpensive. Hundreds of extensions are available according to your needs and budget. There are also popular extensions such as .com, .net, .store, .online, .id, and .co.id. At Domainesia, you can buy a domain even starting at 11 thousand per year.

Address: https://www.domainesia.com/

Price list: https://www.domainesia.com/harga-domain/

2. Niagahoster

Do you want to buy a domain and hosting it in one place at once? Niagahoster is the best choice. As part of the Hostinger Group, Niagahoster is the trusted place to buy domains and hosting in Indonesia.

His name may be familiar to you. Yes, Niagahoster is very popular among developers. Its reputation has been trusted by thousands of clients as the country's best domain and hosting provider. Niagahoster has also been registered and accredited at the official ICANN institution.

Niagahoster provides a wide selection of domains for all purposes. You can also find national, international, and popular domains. Domain prices are very affordable, starting at 15 thousand per year.

Besides being complete and inexpensive, this company excels with 24-hour support services. Niagahoster also provides full control over the domains you have purchased. This is rare and, of course, a distinct advantage for you.

Site Address: https://www.niagahoster.co.id/

3. Namecheap

The next place to buy a trusted domain is Namecheap. Namecheap is a global overseas domain provider with >2 million users. So don't be surprised to buy a domain here using the USD benchmark instead of the rupiah.

But it's not hard to find affordable domains on Namecheap. There are cheap domains for $ 1 - $ 15 or 15 - 75 thousand. This price is only valid for the first year; the following year is subject to standard fees.

The advantage of Namecheap is that it provides a wide variety of domains. Whatever extension you need is here—starting from general, international, and even exotic extensions. Not only that, but Namecheap also offers convenience in managing domains.

Website Address: https://www.namecheap.com/

4. Dewaweb

Dewaweb is one of the best domain and web hosting providers in Indonesia. Although a newcomer, Dewaweb is quite popular. More than 32,000 web users trust various digital products on this site.

The domains available on this site are complete and varied. You can choose general extension domains, Top Level Domains, and premium domains with 2-4 characters.

You can get cheap 2021 domain services on Dewaweb starting at 50 thousand per 1 year.

Address: https://www.dewaweb.com/

Price List: https://www.dewaweb.com/domain

5. Namesilo

recommended place to buy a domain is Namesilo. Namesilo is a global and quality international domain provider. Popular domain provider with >3 million active domain users.

At Namesilo, there are millions of domain names and over 400 extensions for you to choose from.

In addition to domains, Namesilo provides other digital product services such as SSL, email, and hosting.

Namesilo also offers strong security with an anti-spam filter feature on their domains. Not only that, but this registrar also provides 24/7 customer service support.

Despite being world-class, the domain prices offered are affordable. They are namely starting from $ 0.99 or about 10 thousand. Namesilo also often holds promotions and discounts for various product purchases.

Interestingly, the site provides translation features in various languages to make it easier for you to access and purchase products at Namesilo.

Website Address: https://www.namesilo.com/

6. IDWebhost

Are you looking for a domain registrar registered and accredited by ICANN? IDWebhost is one of them. This digital service provider site has experience since 2014 and has more than 100 thousand clients.

Besides being trusted, IDWebhost provides complete and cheapest domain services. There are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, and get them at affordable prices.

You can buy a standard domain starting at 14 thousand. After making a purchase, your domain is immediately active and can be used.

IDWebhost also provides various features in every domain you buy. Its flagship features are Theft protection, Email forwarding, DNS Security, Domain Secrets, etc.

Website Address: https://idwebhost.com/

7. RumahWeb

The best place to buy domains and hosting that has also been registered with ICANN is Rumahweb. RumahWeb is a pioneer hosting and domain provider that was founded in 2002. This company is trusted with 16,000 active domains and hosting over 30 servers in Indonesia.

Besides ICANN, RumahWeb is also well-known as a provider of PANDI specifically for .id extensions. The latest news is that RumahWeb dominates the domain extension market by 60%.

Domain prices at RumahWeb are affordable, and the available extension choices are complete. Domains are available with prices starting from 15 thousand per year. Meanwhile, the .com extension is priced at 125 thousand.

The features you get on the domain are also quite advantageous. There are Domain Management Panel features, Managed DNS, Social Media Connect, DNSSEC Support, etc.

Site Address: https://www.rumahweb.com/

8. ArdHosting

Having been around since 2000, ArdHosting is the best place to buy domains in Indonesia. Apart from being one of the oldest registrars, ArdHosting is an official ICANN partner, so that it can be trusted.

At ArdHosting, you can get new domain extensions and domain transfer services. The available domain extensions are complete and varied, both local, Indonesian and global domains. The full price list can be accessed on the following website: http://www.ardhosting.com/domain-pricing.

Every domain purchase comes with some exciting features. Among them are control panel features, CNS registration, contact changes, managing URLs, redirect features, and others.

Site Address: https://www.ardhosting.com/

9. IDCloudHost

In addition to the names above, the next place to buy and sell domains is IDCloudHost. IDCloudHost is a service provider of various types of hosting as well as domains that were established in 2015. Despite being a new player, this agency has successfully hosted more than 40,000 clients domestically and abroad.

This registrar provides complete domain extension services with a fast, easy and practical process. There are hundreds of domains for both Indonesian and international domains.

You can get a new domain or make a transfer. Available domains are equipped with full domain control access through the domain manager feature. Domain prices in this place are also affordable, starting from 10 thousand per year.

Site Address: https://idcloudhost.com/

Price List: https://idcloudhost.com/domain/

10. IndoWebsite

Buy the cheapest and most complete domain on Google; you can look at IndoWebsite. Indowebsite is a hosting and domain service with >15 years of experience. This agency is already quite popular and serves more than 40,000 active customers.

IndoWebsite is included in the country's Top 10 best hosting and domain companies. So far, IndoWebsite has 20 active servers in the USA and Jakarta.

The company's main products include hosting, websites, SSL, servers, and domains. For domains, the available options are complete and priced cheaply. Some domains can be purchased for 9,900 rupiahs.

Please check the domain and its availability at the following link:

Site Address: https://www.indowebsite.co.id/

Domain Register: https://www.indowebsite.co.id/#domain-name


Those were 10 recommendations for buying the best and most trusted cheap domain name you can visit. How? Registering a domain is not difficult. Not expensive either. You can buy a domain for 10 thousand too.

Some agencies above also offer other products such as hosting, templates, SSL, etc. Meeting all the needs of the website does not need to go anywhere; it can be in one place. Hopefully, the information above is helpful. Thank you.

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