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Know what a dedicated server is, its advantages, and how it works.

What is a dedicated server? In simple terms, a dedicated server is a type of hosting that offers full-scale and complete server facilities to only one user. This means dedicated server users will have full and only access to the server.

Know what a dedicated server is, its advantages, and how it works.

This article will discuss what a dedicated server is, its advantages, how it works, and much more. Let's see the full review below!

What Kind of Service Is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a hosting service that offers a server exclusively dedicated to one user. With a dedicated server, users can use all the resources on the server optimally for various needs.

Dedicated servers also give users full access or control to determine the type of OS or visualization they want to use. In addition, users can also install the operating system and software needed to support their own server needs.

What are the Advantages of Dedicated Servers?

Websites, applications, or software that use a dedicated server can have maximum performance. In addition, there are still many advantages of dedicated servers. The following are some of the benefits of dedicated servers that you need to know.

1. Maximum Performance

As explained above, the use of a dedicated server can provide maximum performance because of the nature of this hosting service which is dedicated or exclusively used by one user. So, obstacles such as downtime or long loading times can be minimized very well.

In comparison, on shared hosting, the server’s resources will be divided according to the number of users on it. The performance of one website will depend on other websites. When one website experiences a spike in traffic increase and is overloaded or even crashes, other websites under the same shared hosting will experience the same thing.

2. Full Access and Control

Users will be given full access and control of the server if they use a dedicated server. In addition, users can also easily add the required software and choose the desired operating system. That way, users can freely manage the capacity and distribution of resources owned by the server.

3. Guaranteed

Privacy and Security Privacy and security are very important factors in various things, especially in the business industry. Dedicated servers can provide more guaranteed privacy and security because users do not have to share the server and all its contents. You will not have neighbors who can disturb you. That way, the privacy and security of the server system will be better maintained.

4. Time and Cost Efficiency

You can save time and costs if the company uses a dedicated server service. Usually, a dedicated server service provider's technical team will carry out routine server maintenance, so you don't have to pay more for it. In addition, you also don't need to waste more money to buy a server. So, the time gained from reducing these tasks can be used to do other things.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Server Work?

The way a dedicated server works can be likened to when you buy a house. After buying a house, you can do anything with the home, such as filling the living room with a TV, sofa, carpet, or other furniture needed. Likewise, with a dedicated server, you can customize as much as you need for the service after getting the service.

For example, you can choose the operating system you want to use, add various programs or software that can support server performance, develop new programs, and even modify and optimize programs as you wish. You can do all these things because dedicated server users will be given full access and control over the server.

This dedicated server is very suitable for large companies, government agencies, and other large organizations that require enormous resources due to high traffic demand. By using a dedicated server, you can use all available resources.

When Should You Switch to a Dedicated Server?

Several signs indicate that you should switch to a dedicated server, such as insufficient resources, downtime, and long loading times. Let's see the full explanation below.

1. Insufficient Resources

When your website has become enormous, with thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors per day, the need for server resources will increase. If the server resource requirements are not met, your website will experience an overload or even a suspension warning.

If this happens, you can switch to a dedicated server service. If the website uses a dedicated server, you don't need to share server resources so that they can be used more optimally. So your website can still run optimally.

2. Downtime

Downtime is a condition where a website cannot be accessed at all, either through the front end or back end. If a website experiences downtime, the web hosting server is not strong enough to accommodate the website’s needs. When the website experiences downtime, there will be many losses that can be obtained.

Downtime that occurs once or twice while being accessed is a natural thing, it could be that server maintenance is being carried out, and the hosting service provider forgot to tell you. However, if the downtime has occurred in a matter of hours or even days, it is a sign that you should switch to using a dedicated server.

3. Long

Loading Time The website's loading time or speed of access must be considered so that visitors can comfortably access and browse your website. Long loading times are usually influenced by the size of the data on the website and the resources needed. 

If you use shared hosting where users have to share a server, then this kind of thing is typical to happen now and then. However, if this always happens, you have to start switching to a dedicated server so that the loading time of your website can return to normal or even be faster.

How to Choose the Right Dedicated Server Service?

When you want to choose a dedicated server, there are several aspects that you should pay attention to, including:

Server specifications: The server specifications of a dedicated server must be the best and according to your needs. Also, make sure the technology used is the latest or up-to-date.

Security: Of course, you must ensure the dedicated server service you choose has a sound security system to avoid unnecessary losses.

Experienced technicians: Dedicated server service providers will offer maintenance by their technicians. Ensure the technician who performs the maintenance has experience so the server can work optimally.

Customer service: Make sure the dedicated server service you choose has customer service active 24/7 so that you can directly contact them when there is a problem.

If you want to use a dedicated server service, you can use a Virtual Private Cloud. A Virtual Private Cloud has many features that can help transform your business. In addition, the cost is also affordable because the Hyperconverged infrastructure technology supported by the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is used.

Hopefully, explaining what a dedicated server is and its advantages, how it works, and other discussions can help you.

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