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Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name for SEO websites

Tips for choosing a good domain name for SEO websites - determining a domain address must be done carefully and precisely to be suitable for the site. It can provide many benefits for the web that is built later. Whatever the domain type, be it a free domain or paid domain. Because the identity of a website domain is an essential element, many factors must be considered before you decide to register it. 

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name for SEO websites

Just as the primary purpose of a domain is to make it easy for people to access and easily remember its name, so is the case if we want to create a website and choose a domain name. Even if the domain name itself is there for easy access, choosing a bad domain name will make the primary purpose of the domain itself disappear.

For example, is that domain name optimal enough if you have a website about buying and selling hosting and use the domain name "hostingmurah.com"? Another example is if you create a website about blogging tutorials and give it the domain name "blogtipsintrik.com" will people be interested in visiting and using your website?

Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Names for Your Prospective Website

When choosing the right domain name for your prospective website, we must consider many things. Among them are as follows.

1. Choose a Creative and Brandable

Domain The domain name will be your website’s identity on the internet. Therefore, as much as possible, use a creative and brandable name to do branding easily. In addition, your domain will also be a name searched for, remembered, and shared by customers and visitors to your website.

So, what is meant by brandable? A brandable domain name is a unique name. So, not unique and good, but your domain name must be exceptional. If so, how do you get a brandable name?

Create a new word

You can develop a new word or term that sounds catchy to grab attention and should at least be easy to remember. “Google” and “Yahoo” are two examples of domain names or brands of new words.

Use existing words

You can search for words that may not be used in everyday life. It doesn't have to be the same; it will be more interesting if you can "twist" the word a little. For example, Gibran Rakabuming's drink brand, named "Google" comes from the word "sugar," which is also the main ingredient of its product.

Use a domain name generator

Now on the internet, there are many generators that you can use to search for a domain name just by entering the words that you think are suitable for your domain name. But only use the generator as a source of inspiration, OK!

2. Make Sure The Domain Name Is Easy To Type

The following way to choose a domain name is to make sure that your domain name is easy to type. Even though you have to look for a creative and brandable domain name, make sure that the name is not difficult to type.

Note that using repeated letters, such as the letter "l" in the word "syllable," may sometimes make it difficult for people to type it. Therefore, make sure you can avoid or work around how to use repeated letters in your domain.

3. Use keywords related to the website's theme

Collect as many keywords as possible related to the theme of your website as material for choosing a domain name. In addition to making it easier for people to guess the contents of your website by looking at the domain name, a domain name that matches the website's theme will help increase the priority value in search engines. For example, if the theme of your website is buying and selling hosting, then use keywords related to that theme, such as hosting, cheap hosting, best hosting, trusted hosting, and so on. If your website is a themed online shop, use keywords such as an online shop, online shop, online buying and selling, e-commerce, and so on.

4. Think Long-Term Potential/Risk

Thinking long-term is the way to choose the next domain name. You are indeed advised to use keywords in the domain, but you should reconsider what name you will use.

In addition to an excellent website name, one crucial thing you need to consider is your primary goal in creating this website. If you use slang terms that are only trending for domain names for a moment, people may have a hard time remembering your domain name after a while. Therefore, look for a domain name that could last for a lifetime.

In addition, your domain name can also determine your website’s reputation in the Google search engine because Google will search the identity of the domain’s website in question. If you change your domain name again in the future, your reputation in Google Search will start all over again.

5. Take advantage of other attributes such as location and added value

You can also use the location attribute as part of a domain name. For example, if the domain hosting.com is already in use, you can add a city name like hostingsby.com. You can also use keywords that add value to your business. For example, if you emphasize selling hosting at a much lower price than your competitors or only market property at a low price, you can add cheap words like cheaphosting.com.

6. Use a name that is short and easy to remember

The shorter the name, the easier it will be to remember. But short is not enough. You must combine consonants and vowels so your domain name can be read easily. Domains such as rmhgbdg.com or rmdhmrh.com will be difficult to remember, even if they are short, unique, and by the website's theme.

You can also actually create a domain name from your brand name. Some well-known domains, such as google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com, or twitter.com, have no direct correlation with their content. It's not necessary. But that means you have to think about the name of this brand. Don't let it turn out that your brand name has been used by others and even registered as a legal trademark/trademark. For example, even though Facebook.id domain can still be purchased; you may not use that name as your business brand.

7. Combine several keywords

Nowadays, getting a short domain with general keywords is difficult. Generally, many people have purchased such domains, even though the domain is not / has not been used for websites. Many people like to buy a good domain name and resell it at a higher price. If you need such a domain and have enough money, go ahead. But if not, you can still look for another domain name with a few additional words.

For example, if the domain hostingmurah.com is no longer available, you can add additional keywords, such as sellinghostingmurah.com. Use additional keywords such as sell, buy, book, order, stock, and so on to create a variety of domains.

You can also try combining two or more keywords into one new word—for example, Codepolitan.com. Linguistically you will not find this word in any dictionary. This has become a new name or keyword, a business brand name. Another example, for example, the keywords property and Bandung can be combined into probandung.com.

8. Adjust Extensions to Target Areas

If your target website visitors are Indonesians, you need to consider the domain extension you want to use. Not only .com, maybe you can use the .co.id or .id extension if you want to specialize your target audience for Indonesians.

9. Involve the team/others in finding the domain name

Sometimes you have to ask the opinion of other people, your friends, your family, or strangers. People who don't even have the insight on choosing a good domain name as described above will sometimes look at it from a different perspective and come up with names that you can develop again. Two heads are better for brainstorming than one head.

10. Avoid Using Numbers and Hyphens

Do not use numbers and hyphens (hyphens) for your domain name as much as possible. Using hyphens can make your domain name more complicated. Imagine if Facebook has a hyphen between "Face" and "Book" so that it becomes "Facebook"; doesn’t it look less effective? In essence, reducing the use of numbers and hyphens are tips for choosing a domain name that you should pay attention to.

11. Choose the Right Extension 

Type A domain extension is an arrangement of letters located at the end of a domain, such as .com, .org, .net, etc. To date, .com is the most popular domain extension, so you might have a more challenging time finding a domain name that fits your needs.

 But don't worry; there are now many generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) such as .photography, .guru, or .id. An extension like this can help you get a short, relevant domain name more easily. The following are some of the frequently used extensions and their functions:

.com – usually used for companies, commercial websites, and communities

.info – usually used for informative websites

.net – usually used for websites that discuss or provide things technical or internet infrastructure

.org – usually used for websites of non-commercial and non-profit organizations

.biz – usually used for business and commercial websites, such as e-commerce websites

.me – usually used for personal websites, blogs, or resumes.

12. Use extensions that are not very common

The last tip is to take advantage of top-level domains (TLDs) that people rarely use. TLD is a suffix or domain extension such as .com, .net, .co.id, .id, and so on. If you want the domain name 'hosting big' but this address is already in use, you can use other extensions such as hostingbdg.net, hostingbdg.org, or hostingbdg.id. Each extension has a different price, but the chances of availability are excellent.

How to check domain availability

After we have several candidate domain names, we can check their availability, whether the desired domain name is already in use or we can still order it. To check domain availability, you can open a website for cheap domain registration service providers, such as niagahoster.co.id. Just enter the domain name you want to check and click the Check Domain button.

If the domain name you entered is unavailable, you can try entering another domain name to check.

If the domain you enter is AVAILABLE, it has never been purchased or used by anyone else, and you can use it. Click the Next button to proceed to pay for the domain purchase.

You can also look for other alternative extensions of the domain you want. For example, on the Niagahoster domain order page https://www.niagahoster.co.id/domain-murah, you can select the extension or TLD you want, for example, .id, then enter your domain name and click the check domain button.

You can proceed directly to the domain ordering stage as usual if available.


These are Tips for choosing a good domain name for SEO websites that you can use when choosing a domain name. Hopefully, one of the tips for choosing a domain name above can help you determine what domain you will use. Thank you 

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